I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I always figured I would do it when I was like 30 and getting bored with life, doing something to spice it up a little bit. Not that all 30 year old people are bored or anything; 30 actually sounds like a fun year, like the first time that your life really feels like yours, and you have all the freedom to do what you want to with it. Anyway, blogging was something I pictured myself doing at some point in my life. Just not now, as a freshman in high school. But then an opportunity hit, a genius hour project we were doing in English, the only guide lines being to do a project to teach us about something we don’t yet really understand. Then I thought, Screw it. Your life is boring enough, you don’t need to be 30 to spice it up a little bit. And here I am. Because it’s true. They say high school is the best time of your life, but they mean Junior and Senior year. As a freshman, high school is boring. You just float on by waiting for the time you can drive and then high school will be what everyone claims it to be. So, why not make a sort of bucket list blog? I can do a cooking blog when I really am 30, but right now, I think a bucket list is a good idea to really pop the bubble that is my comfort zone, and really just give me an excuse to let go and have a good time. I hope you guys follow me on as I post great ideas to maybe add to your own bucket list;)