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Today… I got a job

Shout out to Nicky for this one, because today I got my very first, fairly legit, job. A pretty carefree gig babysitting once or twice a week for the same family Nic babysits for, reeling me in a good $50 a day. Not bad for some summer cash huh?

They have chickens though… and ducks oh no. I’m like mortally scared of both (if you’ve read the Infernal Devices you’d know why) for reasons I’d rather not explained.

If you wanna hear a horror story in the future, look for the hashtag ducks on my page, cause there sure as hell will be some terrifying event to take place in the future.

More to come on this one… but today I opened a door.

Let’s see where it takes me.

My Memories

Last Day of Freshman Year.

There were like 200 people there. Not even kidding- out of the 1600 somethin kids at my school, only about 200 showed up. I was pissed.

“Hey you sign my… oh wait there’s no one here.”

My yearbook has like 5 signatures. I expected it to be a fun day, so I woke up without an alarm and was so pumped and I dressed all cute and attempted to curl by uber straight hair (fail as always). Then I got there and walked into first period and literally everyone around me spent fifteen straight minutes just playing on their phones, and I just kept huffing and puffing from the seat over.

I’m gonna be stuck at home all summer, probably same with you. Could you not just talk to me about useless shit for the next 10 minutes and then go on your merry way?

I mean the kid who sat next to me had been in my class for three freaking years and he was moving the next year. It got better though once I asked the teacher for a deck of cards (getting dominoes instead) and actually socializing with another human for like 5 minutes.

The second I left that class, my routine was changed, and that shit don’t fly with me. I walked up the stairs to meet with my like 10 friends that always gossip there between period and you want to know how many there were? Two. I mean I love em both to death but two lousy friends? That whole group was supposed to sign my yearbook and were they there? No. They weren’t.

So Nicky and I walked to first period where we did freaking presentations.

That’s how my school day was.

OH! Okay so before school, a girl who had been my friend date to Tolo called me up, all pissed that I hadn’t brought her poster home. I told her I would grab it school, which I totally planned on doing and everything. Ya, I was walking out of 6th period with Keaton and we just kinda kept walking and I didn’t even think about it. Then I met up with Nicky, who I was going home with, and we just got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

5 minutes later she texts me, asking me if I grabbed it. I lied. Hopefully Beard just throws it away so that Lexi doesn’t walk in next year and beat me.

After getting to Nicole’s house, we literally were just sitting there cuddling on the couch like best friends do… and we passed out. When we woke up it was like 3 and her mom had woken us up so I was just sitting there staring at those cream walls hoping and wishing that the next time my heavy eyelids shut, they would stay that way.

Not a chance.

We were both too tired to move and literally just sat there until like 5 when we got up to get ready to go bowling.

Okay, so we didn’t even know who was coming with us. We were those girls who posted a hot pic on snap chat welcoming anyone who feels like it to be there at 8, and texted all the people we had already been texting. Keaton, Maddy, and Emilie all showed up and it was fun…

I lost every game by like 100 points and Collette and Lenny, Nicole’s parents, were so disappointed in me when they walked in to pick us up and saw the score.

It was embarrassing. I literally had a gutter ball every round… except for the 2 rounds I got strikes, don’t ask how. One time, I gutterballed four times in a row.

Keaton literally goes, “Does she no it’s not golf?”

My score would have been a helluva lot better if it was.

But it was fun, and then we went back to Nicky’s and made banana boats (I pretty much feel sick still writing this the next morning) and then crashed. But I realized something that day.

People don’t care. And I have always been one of those to be like – why did you come to school on a half day when we’re not doing anything anyway.

But I was feeling sentimental today, ya know? I wanted to do something fun and adventurous because it was our last day as freshman. It was just another day to everyone else, and by that night, it was just another day to me too. The fun days come and go, the fun moments appear or they don’t, but spontaneous fun doesn’t have a calendar.

My Memories

My Memories

So I was thinking about it last night while bowling with some of my friends, and we had just briefly brought up the fact of something that happened like last year and I had pretty much no recollection of it. Then I was thinking that Anderson said I should blog about something that meant something to me, rather than give it up completely. These blogs may not mean anything to you, but they will all mean something to me. I’m going to start journaling my life on here.